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The Appareo "Stratus" ADS-B Out function is done with the Stratus ESG product.  Internal to the ESG equipment is a full-function transponder and internal WAAS GPS receiver.  Included with the product is an external GPS antenna that is matched to the internal receiver. 


NOTE:  This is the "experimental" version of the Stratus ESG but meets the TSO for standard certificated aircraft.  Ask your mechanic about installing this unit in a standard certificated aircraft.

  This unit is NOT RETURNABLE to RST. 

Warranty service is provided by Appareo at the factory in Fargo N.D.


Installation of the Stratus ESG is made simple with minimal rewiring of your current transponder power and lighting, current transponder antenna, and current transponder altitude encoder.


This installation is currently (2017) qualified for the $500 FAA rebate for ADS-B installations.  This product has been specifically engineered by RST for owner installation or owner-assisted installation.  A full set of RST-designed instructions as well as the full Stratus instructions are supplied with the unit.


Discounts are available for EAA and AOPA members.

  Use the drop-down order boxes  to see the discount prices.


Stratus ESG ADS-B Out


Add the Stratus 2i to the ESG for full ADSB In for a display of traffic, weather, and synthetic vision.  You will see all traffic around you, weather along your route, and a synthetic representation of terrain for a "glass panel" for far less than a separate glass panel.  Works with iPad and Foreflight only.


‼ RST Recommended ‼



2i Glass Panel Adapter





If your installation requires that you remove the Stratus 2i from time to time, you can install the 2i Intermediate Connector.  Before you buy this I suggest that you read the RST Installation manual for an alternative way to do this for less than $10.



2i Panel Connector




















Download the full RST Engineering Product and Installation Guide by clicking **HERE**  (caution – 3 MB document)









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